Wine Women non-profit organization


Winewomen psp is a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to the responsible enjoyment of wine through education, discovery and activities that support local charities.

White Wine - Wine Women charitable non-profit  


We are a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization of adult women and men interested in responsible wine discovery and learning at sociable, fun-raising gatherings. Members and guests enjoy new experiences among stimulating people that heighten their wine knowledge while benefiting local charities. Our varied events at exciting venues in and around the Palm Springs, California (PSP) desert resort communities suit a wide range of entertainment styles, interests and budgets.


We welcome you to join us as we explore the world of wine in settings that range from casual and unstructured to formal and dressy. Join us for monthly events that tap into different aspects of our Winewomen psp spirit. Choose an evening, daytime or weekend occasion to best suit your lifestyle and: 

  • Connect with other spirited, energetic and productive valley women (and men)
  • Heighten your appreciation for wines you already enjoy
  • Discover new wines, uncommon wine varietals or wine producers worth knowing
  • Become more adept at creating wine-food pairings you and your guests will savor
  • Learn how to be a better wine consumer
  • Select the perfect wines for your next cocktail party, dinner or backyard event
  • Get tips about great wine values around town
  • Participate in wine dinners and special wine events
  • Find out about exciting wine and food venues around the desert and beyond
  • Plan your next wine-themed adventure or vacation
  • Compare notes with wine experts or other interested wine aficionados
  • Taste wine varietals grown around the world or closer to your own backyard
  • Become an informed, skilled wine taster
  • Hear about organic, sustainable, biodynamic and other "green" winegrowing
  • Support a range of charities all year long




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